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My facination for this topic started by reading headlines in news papers and watching the news with my family. I saw Headlines; "Airstrike" or "misile launch" although I never knew what the headlines were really saying. I saw, "Civil war" and "President Assan" and I was still clueless. So I sat down and researched, this topic was facinating, concerning and frightening al at the same time, I was intrreged. I had to know more ad more and more. Then I snapped back into reality and saw the magnitude of what was going on, before I knew it we were discussing the topic in my Social Studies class and debating different countries points of view in Model UN! As soon as knew it I was making a website on the topic! I grew to love this topic and what is going on right now as a big impact on Syria's future, so I would like to be as involved as possible to help make a change.